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Past Students

Carla C.

16 year old from Bronx, NY

Caribbean Underwater Discoveries Voyage

Carla attended the Caribbean Underwater Discoveries Voyage and she said, 'It was an unforgettable and amazing experience that taught me a lot about myself. I learned a variety of leadership and responsibility skills. I took on the most demanding challenges and went beyond my comfort zone plenty of times. I learned what it was like to truly live like a sailor and overcome any obstacle. I will never forget the late night dives, or the bright and early swims, or the long lasting friendships I've made with my mates. I recommend this life changing experience to everyone. It was an amazing journey. Thank you Broadreach!'

Cleo A.

15 year old from Guilford, CT

Caribbean Marine Conservation

Cleo attended the Caribbean Marine Conservation program where she learned to SCUBA dive and sail and earned two college credits in marine biology. Cleo said, 'The trip was so amazing, more amazing than I ever thought it could be!'

Kameron Nelson

14 year old from Alexandria, VA

Bahamas Marine Biology 12-Day Adventure

Kameron attended the Bahamas Marine Biology 12-Day Adventure where he learned to snorkel, participated in community service and learned marine biology. He said, 'It was an experience I will never forget! I learned about vast ecosystems in oceans and how to study and protect these ecosystems in a hands on environment. I enjoyed how much time we actually spent in the water snorkeling, exploring reefs and observing marine animals. Thank you for providing me with this once in a lifetime opportunity!'

Cole D.

15 year old from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Caribbean Underwater Discoveries Voyage

Cole attended the Caribbean Underwater Discoveries Voyage where he earned SCUBA diving and sailing certifications. Cole said, 'As I get closer to adulthood with so many experiences on the horizon I could never have imagined that the scholarship that I received from Broadreach would have change my life the way that it did. This is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I lived on a boat for 17 days in the middle of the ocean learning to SCUBA, identify fish, sail a boat and cook. At the same time I was learning to plan my day, make choices that affected all of us on my boat and I got to sleep under the stars with the most awesome group of people that I have ever met.'

Arisa Y.

17 year old from Charlotte, NC

Caribbean Marine Conservation

Arisa attended the Caribbean Marine Conservation program which included studying marine conservation and becoming a certified SCUBA diver. Following her summer as a student, Arisa served as one of Broadreach's Caribbean summer staff helping coordinate logistics and base operations.

Ethan B

16 year old from Westhampton Beach, NY

Dominican Republic Emergency Medicine

Annabelle B.

15 year old from Westhampton Beach, NY

Caribbean Marine Conservation

Annabelle attended the Caribbean Marine Conservation program where she was able to participate in community service projects with prestigious marine parks and earn three college credits. Her instructors said, 'She was smart, tried her hardest on everything she did and encouraged others to do their best!'

Brittney R

16 year old from Benedict, KS

Caribbean Marine Conservation

Brittney attended the Caribbean Marine Conservation program. She earned her Open Water and Advanced Open Water SCUBA certification and three college credits while learning about marine biology first hand in the diverse marine environment around several unique Caribbean islands.

Leah M

22 year old from Bechtelsville, PA

British Columbia Marine Mammal Ecology

Leah attended the British Columbia Marine Mammal Ecology program and since has become a major advocate for Broadreach and The Foundation. She uses her experience to promote Broadreach across her college campus. She feels her program in British Columbia helped solidify her life plans of pursuing a career in marine biology!

Sarah M.

16 year old from Voorheesville, NY

South Africa Wildlife Studies

Sarah attended the South Africa Wildlife Studies program and had the opportunity to experience conservation biology in a real world setting. Highlights of her trip included seeing lions, elephants, zebras, rhinos and hippos in their natural habitats and studying and assisting with wildlife conservation and rehabilitation.

Alden J.

16 year old from Bellingham, WA

Panama Photography Adventure

Alden attended the Panama Photography program where he made new friends, learned to rock climb, sea kayak and surf in addition to earning two college credits, learning the technical and artistic aspects of digital photography and the basics of digital production and editing while creating his own portfolio.

Sara F

17 year old from Minneapolis, MN

Costa Rica & Nicaragua Spanish and Soccer

Sara attended the Costa Rica and Nicaragua Spanish Immersion program, her instructors said the following: "Sara is nothing short of amazing. Every day she showed up with a smile on her face. She is open minded and willing to try anything. She always had a positive attitude and was a natural leader of the group."