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Scholarships and Fundraising

We are excited to help you find ways to fund your trip. Opportunities include applying for a Broadreach Foundation scholarship, applying for a partner scholarship or fundraising.


The Broadreach Foundation has a General Scholarship Fund which is open to all students eligible to attend a Broadreach program. Scholarships can only be applied towards tuition. There are only a couple full tuition scholarships awarded each year. Partial scholarships are also awarded; however, students need to contribute to the remainder of the tuition not covered by the scholarship.

Partner Scholarships

Partner scholarships with the Foundation work similarly to the Broadreach Foundation General Scholarship Fund. These scholarships are developed and funded with the help of partner organizations or individuals. The awards may also be decided by someone outside of the Broadreach Foundation Selection Committee. To see what Partner Scholarships we have available, please visit the How to Apply page.

The process of applying for a partner scholarship begins with the same initial web application as the General Fund, but they may require a different secondary application or additional material to be submitted for the application to be considered. If you have questions about these scholarships, please contact us. Please read the details of each scholarship to ensure you meet the general requirements before applying.


Fundraising is an excellent way to show your commitment and desire to attend a Broadreach program. The Broadreach Foundation also believes it is an important life experience that will benefit you far into the future. We are here to work with you on developing a fundraising strategy to meet your goal by helping you find ways to connect with donors and encouraging them to invest in your experience. Please contact us for more information on fundraising.