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Broadreach Scholarships

The Broadreach Foundation is accepting applications for Summer 2019 scholarships.

Students applying for a scholarship with the Broadreach Foundation must be interested in attending a Broadreach program. For more information on Broadreach programs, please visit here. You may also contact us if you have questions about programs or would like help selecting the best program for you. Students must have completed sixth grade by the start of the program to be eligible to apply.

The Broadreach Foundation offers scholarships twice a year. The amount of money awarded is different for each scholarship. Please note that full scholarships are rare, as we try to provide scholarships to as many students as possible.

Spring Scholarships: The Broadreach Foundation awards partial scholarships for the upcoming summer through the Spring Scholarship. Online applications are due by April 10 and all secondary application materials (including teacher reference) must be received by April 12. Scholarships will be awarded by May 1.

There are two components to the Broadreach Foundation Scholarship application process:

Step 1: Fill out the initial application below.
Step 2: An email with supplemental materials needed will be sent directly to the STUDENT on the next working business day after the initial application has been received. Supplemental materials include several short answer questions, tax paperwork and a teacher reference.

*Steps 1 and 2 have to be completed by the scholarship deadline to be considered for a scholarship.

If you have more questions about the scholarships or how to apply, please visit our FAQ page .

How to Apply

The Broadreach Foundation is accepting scholarship applications for Summer 2019.

Scholarship awards are for partial scholarships with the expectation that students will raise the additional funds needed to attend program.

When applying for a Broadreach Foundation scholarship, it is important to understand all of the potential costs involved. Please remember that scholarships can only be applied towards program tuition. All on-trip meals, activities and accommodations are included in tuition for a Broadreach program, but there are also costs like airfare, college credit, gear, passports and other costs that are not included. You can learn more about these additional costs here.

Broadreach Foundation Spring Scholarship
All students eligible to attend a Broadreach program may apply to the Broadreach Foundation General Scholarship Fund. Awards are made based on a combination of merit and need of the applicant. Recipients of a Broadreach Foundation General Scholarship will receive either a full or partial scholarship. Due date is April 12th. Online applications are due by April 10 and all secondary application materials must be received by April 12. Scholarships will be awarded by May 1.

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