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Student FAQs

When is the deadline to apply?
Applying to the Broadreach Foundation is a multi-step process. First students must submit the initial application. The initial application with current information on scholarships and deadlines can be found on the “How to Apply” page. Applicants are encouraged to complete this initial application as early as possible since there is a secondary application that students must complete. Once the initial application has been reviewed, a secondary application will be sent to the applicant via email. All components of the secondary application must be received by the deadline. Any initial applications received on or after the deadline will not be considered. The application will not be considered if all components have not been received by the Broadreach Foundation.
How many scholarships are awarded each year?
How many students apply each year?
Is there an application fee to apply to the Broadreach Foundation?
Can I apply for a scholarship from the Broadreach Foundation to attend a program outside of Broadreach’s offerings (i.e. summer camp, choir trip, sport camp)?
Which Broadreach programs can I travel on with a Broadreach Foundation scholarship?
Does the scholarship award include airfare?
What other expenses are not covered by the scholarship?
What is the minimum age to travel with Broadreach?
Do I need a passport to travel on a Broadreach program?
What components will I need to submit with the application?
What criteria are used to select scholarship recipients?
When are the scholarship recipients notified?
Will I be notified if I do not receive a scholarship?
Can I receive a Broadreach Foundation scholarship if I have received one in the past?
Are students from outside the USA eligible for a scholarship?