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Student Profiles

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Ethan B

16 years old from Westhampton Beach, NY

Belize Wilderness Emergency Medicine

Student Statement

I am excited to participate in the Wilderness Emergency Response program through Broadbeach because I will acquire new skills and gain valuable experience that will help me in pursuing my education goals in emergency response and management. One of the core values of my family is volunteerism. The opportunity to work with doctors in the clinic as part of my program work offers me an opportunity to give back to the community where I will be getting a great education. I am also very excited to explore new places and see new things, have a great adventure and make new friends along the way

Reference information

"Ethan is a humble and kind young man, who has decided to really dedicate himself to his studies. I am very pleased with his performance this year, and even more elated at his progress! In my opinion, he will take full advantage of any opportunity Broadreach can offer."

"Ethan's motivation to succeed has increased this year by leaps and bounds. He is serious about his future, has enrolled in several very demanding courses (Algebra 2 and Regents Chemistry, for example), and is finding success! It shows me that he is capable and committed to doing well."

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